E-Bike improvements


It’s finally warm here in Canada and I have started to use my e-bike to go to work. I introduced some improvements to keep things tidy and easy to use.

Starting with my e-bike computer I used an old printer cable (with many cores) to re-wire the connection between the LCD screen and the main board. I also added a toggle switch that powers off the unit while I am at work or when the bike is not in use, avoiding battery draining.



Everything looks so much tidier now!

I also re-wired the main board with 10AWG cables.



The bike now uses the Hybrid battery (see previous post), 54V nominal and about 9.5Ah (with 7.5Ah of usable capacity to preserve cycle life). I was able to shrink wrap the battery in black PVC tubing, making it safer and more professional looking.The battery is secured to the frame with “backpack” straps.



I am still working to improve the bike.

Next things to do:

  • Use the main battery to power up the e-bike computer (now is powered with an external battery)
  • Introduce a plug for recharging outside the wooden battery frame, weather insulated, and protected ( with a fuse).
  • Reduce the amount of wires.


I am also working on a “cell balancer”, I have done a few tests and I should be able to have a pcb ready for more testing next month..I will keep you posted!




4 thoughts on “E-Bike improvements

  1. Great job Jacopo, just a question: did you twist each cable to reduce noise? I did not apply this precaution and in the last 3 months my LCD sometime starts displaying strange chars

  2. Hi Ccriss,
    The wires in the cable were already twisted. I believe this is a high quality cable, there was even a metallic mesh around it. I don’t think the “random/strange” chars you see are related to the noise. I had the same problem a while ago and it was due to a wire not soldered properly and every time the contact became loose, I could see strange things happening on the LCD. Now everything is running perfectly.

    • Not at the moment. You can use Ccriss (from Energeticambiente) sketch. As for the schematic I am designing a new circuit, this one has some mistakes in it, there is no point in publishing the current one.

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