E-bike goes 45 Kph!!

I recently purchased, at a great price, some “defective” battery packs used in power tools. The cells used for those batteries are Sony SE US18650VT, and they support a 10C (!) maximum discharge rate.

So I recovered some of those batteries and I made a new battery pack.

I then decided to make a 15s4p battery pack (55.5v 6Ah nominal) and test the performance on my e-bike.

The cells should be charged at 4.2 Volts, so the pack would read 63.0 Volts when fully charged. My controller has 63 Volts capacitors so to be safe I charged the battery to 61.5Volts.

It is highly recommended that you always check & double check the specifications and the components used in your controller to avoid any damage to components, bike and most importantly people (including you!).

So, after checking that everything was safe and that the batteries that I recovered were truly recovered I put the pack on the bike and went out for a ride.

I was truly amazed! The bike has a much quicker acceleration and reaches 42-45 kph (depending on incline and wind) very soon, I wish I could measure this acceleration in seconds to let you understand, maybe I will make a video.

Here some other data of the trip:

Average speed:




Energy used during trip:


Power peak during trip:


Ah used during trip:

*The maximum speed on the first photo (49kph) was reached downhill, top speed on the flat without pedalling is 45kph.

Transform Dead Laptop Batteries into a reliable E-bike Battery!


I decided to write this guide to describe how to recycle non working or “dead” laptop batteries and to use them to build a recycled and reliable e-bike battery pack.

I had the inspiration to build this guide because of this discussion I read on the Endless-sphere.com forum. I therefore would like to thank all the subscribers of the thread that contributed with their ideas and knowledge. In particular, a big thank you goes to “DrkAngel” for his continuous supply of useful information on the topic.


Edit (12/1172012), I added the video for even better comprehension of the whole process:


In this little guide you will find information, methods and ways to build, test and Continue reading