Li-ion cells and cold temperatures – Part 2

26F Cold tests 2 Descr

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After the first cold tests I decided to go a step further and do some tests with even colder temperatures to see the behavior of the cells.

For the Orange tests the cell was padded this way:


Side view with padding on the sides removed:


These tests are interesting for people like me that uses lithium ion cells in cold climates. Especially in my case, I use the cells in an electric bicycle. It’s important to have some sort of thermal insulation on the battery when riding in cold temperatures, the performance improves dramatically and the battery cycle life is preserved.


Li-ion cells and cold temperatures


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I was curious about the behavior of lithium cells at low temperature. In particular I was expecting capacity loss and voltage sag  compared to the standard test temperatures of 20-25°C.

The tests above were conducted on a single cell, a Samsung ICR18650 26F, discharged at 1C.

The voltage sag and loss in capacity are lower than I expected. I am planning to do some -10°C tests to have even more data to compare.