New PCB is working!! Yay!! :)

Finally I had time to solder the components onto the PCB I ordered from China and got a bit of time to test it. Unfortunately when I designed the circuit I forgot a pull-up resistor and that made things harder because I had to do some debugging as nothing seemed to work at first. But not everything works great!

The values on the LCD are random because the sensors are not connected 🙂

I am looking forward to get some real data once I’ll test the PCB on the e-bike!

Another pic:

My PCB for Arduino E-Bike Computer :)


I have been busy recently and I didn’t have much time for my projects. In the meantime winter has come to Canada and I was forced to lock my bike in the garage (it has been snowing for about a week).

About a month ago I sent out an order for a PCB to a cheap Chinese manufacturer for my Arduino-based bicycle computer. This PCB is basically an Arduino without the usb interface and with some of the sensors integrated in the board. This way I can put the pcb close to the controller and have only a few wires around. This makes everything look tidy and minimizes the risks of shorts and damages to the board and/or other devices (es. bike controller).


The board is very small, smaller than a credit card!

In the next few days I am going to receive some components and do some testing  🙂