Electric Bicycle computer version 2.0

I finally received a new LCD screen for my Arduino project with 4 lines and 20 columns.

I have been working on the electronic part to “stabilize” the sensors output and I am using a new and smaller pcb board so that the whole hardware is more stable and fixed to the bicycle.

As you can see in this new version I added the instant Amperes used and the instant Watt used by the motor.

That “5006” number you see in the photo is the internal voltage in millivolts of arduino and it’s important to calculate some of the values taken from the sensors. If the value drifts too far from 5000 some of the readings will be inaccurate.

Soon I will implement a “Watthour” meter. Once I will have that in place I will be able to calculate the “range left” and/or the energy left in the battery.

Here is a video:

As you see, the values are pretty accurate (temperature within 1.0 Celsius, voltage within 0,1V difference from the other volt meter used) but I am still working to make it more precise.

In the video you can hear the motor turning  and see the values change. Amps and Watts values are low because the motor is running with “no load” (wheel not on the ground).


2 thoughts on “Electric Bicycle computer version 2.0

  1. Hi jacopo i am in holiday but i m still following your projecr. The lcd is awsome , it seem your implementation is going well and fast so go on like this and in a month you ll have a spacecraft instead of a bike!!!!:-).
    Ps bmsbattery told me to substitute the two broken pieces and try to see whar happen. I was hoping to get a new cb. I let you know
    Bye ccriss

  2. Hi Ccriss! The bike already looks like a space ship..I have so many wires from the sensors coming our everywhere. With the new pcb it looks a bit better but still messy. Someone genuinely curious stopped me the other day asking me about the bike, it was nice :).
    Programming is not my strongest point but “C” seems easy to learn!
    Sorry to hear about BMSBattery. they should have sent you a new charger right away. Keep me updated about it 🙂
    Enjoy your holidays!

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