Improving the battery & fuse problem.


New post!

Finally I received some new material from HK/China and

I was able to improve the look and the safety of my DIY li-ion battery.

I connected two Jst  cables to each battery so I can use one during balancing and the other to connect a voltage meter to check if everything works fine (the iMax B6 is not really precise as cell balancer).

I also got some nice Cell-Log 8s that will allow me to check closely the behaviour of the battery.

Here is a graph of a 17km trip with a couple of steep hills (click on the images to see them properly):

As you see the voltages are not perfect but I am very happy with the results, the end voltages are very close together!

I am using the battery without fuse at the moment because I had a problem the fuse holder, the ends connecting the fuse are cheaply made, so it ended up melting plastic and fuse. As result of the high resistance generated by this bad connection the bike was not running at its best and 3 of the cells got really unbalanced (0.3v difference with the others). I ordered a better fuse holder, let’s see if it’s up to the task!

If you have a fuse on your battery..keep an eye on it!!


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