E-Bike mod: Moving the battery into the frame triangle.

So here it’s the last version of my electric bicycle. At the beginnig I was using a tackle box mounted on the rear rack as a container for the battery and controller.

That solution was not ideal for several reasons:

  • The weight of the battery was all on the rear axel, which was already supporting the motor
  • The  balance of the bike was all on the back, making the bicycle not easy to handle at high speed and sharp corners/bends
  • In case of bumpy roads the battery was not properly hold (was moving) inside the tackle box
  • A lot of weight was on the rear rack making me doubt of it strength especially on bumpy terrain/gravel
  • The bike looked “strange” and suspicious.

So I decided to buy some wood and to make a box that would fit into the frame triangle of the bike. I went to the local hardware store and I bought  a 6 foot board of maple 3 1/4 inches wide and 3/4 of an inch thick. It was a good choice because the maple is hard enough to support the weight of the battery and the controller without breaking or chipping.

I took some measurements, cut some pieces of board and started to put the together with some wood screws. The only tools I had available were a hand saw and a cordless power drill.

Pretty happy with my job it was time to see it the batteries would fit into the frame:

They would fit but I was not happy with their position, so I dismantled one battery (actually I dismantled both so I could check if everything was good inside) and I started to “reshape” the battery pack

Satisfied with the outcome I saw that there was room for the controller inside the wooden box, so I decided to move it inside it 🙂

As you can see, I used some padding made of plastic material (polypropylene ?) and some metal bars and corners to keep the battery into place.

I put some screws into the frame to hold the box, this screw fits perfectly the bottle holder nut.

I added a key switch to make things easier (and much cooler!) when starting the bike and a side panel that I can lift upwards to inspect and recharge the battery:

Temporary closure (I am working on a locking mechanism):

This is the view from the top, I can ride comfortably without banging or scratching my legs against the wood.

I tested the bicycle with this new configuration and the feeling is awesome! The change of balance is noticeable and riding on a bumpy road is not a problem anymore. There is almost no vibration.  On corner and bends riding is not risky anymore.

If you have a battery on your rear rack and some DIY skills I suggest you to build this box, you will be much more safer when riding your electric bike!

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