My E-bicycle & DIY battery: some data!

I have some interesting data about my electric bicycle and my DIY li-ion battery.

As I said in previous posts the battery I am using on the e-bike is 36v 24Ah and is made from recycled from dead laptop battery. I wrote an article about it here

During my last ride I made 47.7 km on a single charge! I rarely pedalled during the ride.Not bad considering that I am using recycled cells. Also I think I could have gone  for other 10km before hitting the “red zone” and be concerned about a recharge.

My E-Bike has a 36v 500w motor. Maximum speed on the flat is about 30-32kph and the power usage is about 200-500w to maintain this speed on the flat depending on conditions (eg. slight uphill/downhill,headwind, tailwind, etc..).

The maximum speed you see on the table is reached downhill.

Here is the gps data of the ride, I used an app for my smarthphone called Strava:

This shows that it’s possible to save some money building recycled batteries and have a great performance too!

At the moment I am building a wooden frame for my battery to allow a better balance on the bike, here a preview:

Soon I will write a detailed report on the new modification!


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